Ace Urban Gardening

Packaging Design / Branding


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My goal for this project is to rebrand the Ace Hardware store as a welcoming community retailer for micro-dwellers who want to enhance their urban lifestyle through indoor gardening.

Logo Redesign

Poster Design

Soothing                Micro                Witty                  Rapid                  Dual                  Evolving

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Mock ups

Exploring some fresh ideas for seeds, fertilizers, grow cubes, and some tool packaging. Started with papers, foams, woods, and plastics.


Urban Lifestyle

One of the most effective ways to enhance your lifestyle at home is to bring greens to your personal space. It comforts you and enhances your mental wellness. As many people decide to live alone due to many different reasons, most of those people dwell in a tiny studio apartment, especially in urban cities. The Ace Hardware store was missing some potential buyers who are beginners in gardening. Therefore, the project was created to re-imagine the brand as a welcoming community retailer for potential gardeners who want to enhance their urban lifestyle through indoor gardening in micro spaces.


It's for beginners

The minimal and simple design of the packaging is to reduce the confusion the beginners might have when starting their urban lifestyle, and the seeds presented are perfect for indoor planting. Cubes are biodegradable growth media for starting seeds and their tiny size is perfect for micro-dwellers. These can be used as a medium for hydroponic plants that do not require any soil but water only. 

ace_photoshoot_storelookArtboard 1.jpg

Welcome to the new Ace. I hope you enjoyed it.